Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc.

20 Ampere Output
Add a Battery to any Vehicle to Power Accessories
Automatically Parallells Batteries when Engine is Running
Isolates Batteries when Engine is Stopped
Auto Boost Parallels Batteries for Engine Start
Automatic Battery Charger to Maintain both Auxiliary and Main Batteries
Bar Graph Display Indicates Battery Voltage and Charger Output Current
All Accessories may be Connected to Auxiliary Battery

Often, in many vehicles when numerous accessories are added, it is desirable to add an additional battery. The Add-A-Bat, Model 091-171, simplifies this installation and provides a battery charger for the vehicle’s battery as well as the newly installed auxiliary battery. The accessories are connected to the auxiliary battery and thus reduces the burden on the vehicle’s battery. A high current solenoid connects the two batteries whenever the alternator output is detected. This charges both batteries when the engine is running. An Auto Boost feature parallels the batteries for engine cranking whenever the auxiliary battery has sufficient charge. The triple bar graph display indicates the voltage of each battery and the charger output current whenever the vehicle is plugged into AC shore power.


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