Kussmaul – Chief Series Smart Charger

High Power Triple Battery Bank Charger with Built-In Touch Display and Communications


  • Triple Battery Bank
  • Built-In Touch Screen Display
  • Dual Battery Type Technology – allows for two dissimilar battery chemistry charging at the same time
  • IP32 rated for greater ingress protection
  • CAN Bus enabled connectivity
  • Parasitic Load Compensation (PLC) – allows for user input of total accessory load amps on the vehicle. This allows the charger to shift the absorption stage set point, so the battery voltage drops to the float voltage when the desired current is reached
  • Configurable for 3-step or float charging
  • Optional Remote Touch Display Available
  • Accommodates Flooded, Gelled Electrolyte, AGM, Odyssey®, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), and customized.
  • Pump Plus feature included
  • Rotating mounting feet.

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