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Whelen: Tech Overview | Getting to Know our Control Systems

A closer look at the evolution of our control systems. When Whelen was born in 1952, we set out with a mission to keep first responders and motorists safe at every scene by designing and building state-of-the art visual and auditory warning products. But stopping at visual and auditory warning products would disservice our first responders, so we engineered control...

Havis: All New VSX Ford Interceptor Utility Solutions

  All New VSX Ford Interceptor Utility Solutions The new C-VSX-1800-INUT Series for the 2020-2021 Ford Interceptor Utility reimagines the vision of the public safety console from the ground up. The advanced style of the new Havis console catapults public safety vehicle cabins into a new era, redefining the workspace for public safety professionals. Built on the Havis history of quality...

Kussmaul – Chief Series Smart Charger

Kussmaul - Chief Series Smart Charger High Power Triple Battery Bank Charger with Built-In Touch Display and Communications https://youtu.be/WyfAPTDzFvs Features Triple Battery Bank Built-In Touch Screen Display Dual Battery Type Technology – allows for two dissimilar battery chemistry charging at the same time IP32 rated for greater ingress protection CAN Bus enabled connectivity Parasitic Load Compensation (PLC) – allows for user input...