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Havis: All New VSX Ford Interceptor Utility Solutions

  All New VSX Ford Interceptor Utility Solutions The new C-VSX-1800-INUT Series for the 2020-2021 Ford Interceptor Utility reimagines the vision of the public safety console from the ground up. The advanced style of the new Havis console catapults public safety vehicle cabins into a new era, redefining the workspace for public safety professionals. Built on the Havis history of quality...

Kussmaul – Chief Series Smart Charger

Kussmaul - Chief Series Smart Charger High Power Triple Battery Bank Charger with Built-In Touch Display and Communications https://youtu.be/WyfAPTDzFvs Features Triple Battery Bank Built-In Touch Screen Display Dual Battery Type Technology – allows for two dissimilar battery chemistry charging at the same time IP32 rated for greater ingress protection CAN Bus enabled connectivity Parasitic Load Compensation (PLC) – allows for user input...

BlueShield Collision Film

What is BlueShield Collision Film? Collision, vandalism, and storm damage can leave vehicles exposed to the weather through broken windows and doors that are unable to close. Our Crash Wrap is a tough, flexible, thin, self adhesive plastic film used to cover these openings effectively sealing out weather damage.  Crash Wrap can be safely left exposed to the weather for...