If your company would like to be featured on EmergencyEquipmentNews.com please let us know. We are actively looking for submissions.

Currently we would like to have press release documents sent to:


Please make sure these are in a format that allows editing and posting to our site. WORD – .TXT or similar would be best. If the press release is in a .PDF format that is also fine. Jpeg image attachments are also fine please just attach them to the email and please do not in-bed them in an HTML style email as photo resolution is degraded.

The more submissions we get the better we can inform the masses about your product announcements. As time goes on more features will be added to the site to increase its usefulness as a centralized location to get your Emergency Equipment News. We will also be teaming up with other services to act as a portal page to other services related to the topics we cover.

We are also actively looking for both sponsors and advertisers. These will be two different categories and over the next week we will post the differences between being a sponsor and an advertiser and what benefits you might get from either choice.

EmergencyEquipmentNews.com is ready to become the place for Emergency Equipment News Announcements.  We are using the latest technology for the site so it will support comments and feedback from viewers and also provides RSS style feeds to keep you updated when using tools like the new reader.google.com.

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