Number of Speeders in Georgia School Zone Reduced Along With Their Speeds

Atlanta, GA – May 4, 2009 – N. Peachtree Road is flanked by a middle school and elementary school on one side and neighborhoods on the other. Parents and children regularly dodge speeding cars who do not stop for crossing guards or pedestrian crossings.

City and community officials invited Radarsign, LLC, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of driver feedback signs, to engage in a test to slow drivers.

Video of the event is available:

The Test:

Week One: Radarsign installed a driver feedback display in “stealth” mode to record traffic patterns without alerting drivers to their speeds.

Week Two: The display was turned on so drivers were alerted to their speeds as they approached the school zone.

The Results:

Radarsign’s StreetSmart Technology detected more than half of all drivers on this road were speeding during week one, totaling nearly 10,000 cars.

By week two, Radarsign cut the the total number of speeders by more than forty percent.

Radarsign also slowed the fastest drivers on the road by nearly ten miles per hour.

A pedestrian struck by a car traveling 40 mph has a 90 percent chance of being killed. On this road, Radarsign cut the number of drivers exceeding 40 mph by fifty percent.

“Accident statistics routinely show a reduction in speed of as little as five miles an hour can be the difference between life and death,” said Charlie Robeson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Radarsign, LLC. “Crashes happen when people arenʼt paying attention. We have so many distractions today that take our attention from the road. Radarsignʼs products alert drivers to their speed – and the posted speed limit. Alert drivers, drive safely. Itʼs that simple.”

The test was coordinated by PEDS, metro Atlanta’s pedestrian advocacy group, with support from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and the City of Dunwoody. Radarsign presented the results to Chesnut Charter’s principal Dr. Richard Reid; City of Dunwoody Councilman, John Heneghan; City of Dunwoody Director of Public Works, Richard Meehan; as well as a number of concerned parents and residents.

“People should be asking for driver feedback signs instead of speed humps,” said Michael Orta, PEDS’ Director of Community Education. “The signs are portable, informative, and effective at slowing drivers. Slower cars means safer walking.”

About Radarsign

Radarsign is the country’s most affordable, reliable and effective provider of driver feedback signs. The company delivers the most energy efficient products on the market and our “built-for-the-job” design, makes our signs the most dependable and easy-to-use traffic calming solution. Radarsign products are available in a variety of sizes and mounting options (pole-mounted, mobile stand, trailer-hitch mount, etc.) and provide a proven and affordable solution to calming traffic in neighborhoods, school zones, military and corporate campuses, as well as city streets and highways.

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