Soncell North America, the Homeland Security Division of Bowmer & Kirkland Group – one of UK’s largest privately owned construction and development companies – announced today that it has completed the strategic acquisition of US-based industry leaders in the public safety sector. Ten companies including: AEP-Arizona, AEP-California, AEP-Colorado, AEP-Nevada, AEP-New Mexico, AEP-Utah, Auto Additions, AZ EP Fleet, Emergency Vehicle Solutions and Patrol Power have been strategically acquired by Soncell to create AEP North America

By fusing ten leading companies, AEP North America brings together the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of services, technologies and expertise. The combined organization has the technical resources and intellectual property required to deliver maximum value to customers. With leading technology, a premier partner network and an organization dedicated to public safety, the company will be able to compete more effectively in new and expanding markets and provide value for its most important stakeholders – its customers, partners, and employees.

Soncell North America offers the industry a single source with a complete range of high quality, enterprise-class solutions and multi-channel execution with its three distinctive business units: AEP North America, Soncell Products and Soncell Services.

Bringing together companies with complementary strategic visions, services, and technologies allowed us to expand our reach across the United States and gain market share. We have become the nation’s largest emergency vehicle up-fitter with coast-to-coast service and product support. We now have a tremendous opportunity for further growth based on our mutual strengths and experience.

"For Bowmer and Kirkland, this strategic transaction provides our collective teams a unique opportunity to enhance customer service, advance product development and most importantly, service the communities in which we do business.“ – Melvin Sheldon, Group Finance Director, Bowmer & Kirkland, Ltd.

The Bowmer & Kirkland Group is one of the largest and most successful privately-owned construction and development groups in the UK with sales in 2008 exceeding $1.7 billion.

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