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More bright new thinking from Federal Signal

Introducing ultra bright white LED Takedown lights!

 Now you can have the brightness of halogens with Federal Signal’s patent pending Solaris high performance LED takedowns.

 New Solaris reflector design provides focused lighting for increased officer safety and protection.

 LED’s reduce the current draw, freeing up amperage for other essential vehicle equipment.

 LED’s generate less heat than halogens and have a longer life, which means reduced downtime and replacement costs.

Use the online configurator at http://www.fedsig.com/products/config to order your next Legend lightbar with LED takedowns. Halogen takedowns are still available.

Other new features now offered with the Legend:

 Stop/Tail/Turn option may be ordered on 45” and 53” Legends.

 Save time and money when installing your fleet; Clone and duplicate
patterns and other pre-programmed options such as front/rear cut-off,
intersection warning and dimming from vehicle to vehicle with the
new Epic™ programmer and a laptop or PC.


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