The Whelen Pioneer Series has been announced. Designed to take the place of current front brown mount lighting systems in both halogen and HID. It looks like this will be the cutting edge piece for your latest equipment build. Now we await the official release date. Here are some additional details.

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Pioneer Floodlight puts all the performance and reliability of LED technology
into a 75 watt LED package, producing 6000 Lumens.

■ Solid-State electronics and lamp source that are proven
reliable and durable, eliminating the high cost of lamp or
ballast replacements.

■ No high current in rush when activated.

■ Draws 6 amps peak at 12.8 vdc.

■ Pioneer LED flood lights are instant On/Off eliminating the high current warm up time associated with other light sources currently available.

■ Pioneer Series LED Floodlights can be flashed for added warning in the “Clearing Right of Way Mode”. External
flasher required.

■ Rugged all aluminum construction, powder coated finish.

■ Floodlight housing is adjustable up to 20 degrees downward angle maximizing light effectiveness.

■ Mounting brackets are designed to be contoured to fit mounting surface radiuses.

■ HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional 5 year warranty.

■ Low operating temperature.

■ Pioneer LED flood lights do not emit ultra violet light that attracts insects during night time operation, like other lights sources do.


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