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Safely disabling a vehicle being involved in a criminal exercise is a dangerous task, which may be why the EU is hoping to create a vehicle standard that makes it possible to stop them remotely.

Imagine a world where you can report your car stolen and have the police remotely disable it, or a high speed chase that abruptly and safely comes to an end as the vehicle politely stops and powers down. Apparently that is the exact thing the European Network of Law Enforcement Technologies wants to see happen all across Europe, and they have been working in secret to create a device that they would want to become a standard in all new European vehicles.

A device that is designed to cut the fuel supply and disable the ignition to the vehicle by remote, which is controlled remotely by a police officer in front of a bank of monitors somewhere, is the basic concept that has been created so far for this would-be standard. There’s no mention of controlling the brakes or controlling the vehicle’s ability to drive, so in theory the vehicle would just coast to a stop and whoever was inside would either be captured or try and run away. It’s a six year plan that the EU hopes will result in a thorough plan that could be easily implemented by auto makers.

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