An alternate to phosphorous flares with improved eye stimulation and return-on-invest within the first six hours of use.

The new ProMark Active LED Road Flare Kit comes with six powerful flares each having sixteen Epistar 1 watt LEDs that hold a 100,000 hour rating. Flares can operate up to seven hours, uses a built-in magnet for disabled vehicle placement and provides nine flash pattern modes. The kit includes a carrying/storage case with an integrated car and office charger.

Randy Tschoerner of a Texas based towing service has field tested the Active LED Road Flare Kit stated, “We’ve tested a number of LED road flares hoping to find a viable phosphorous alternative, this is one is up to snuff! It’s the brightest one available!”

With the press of a single button, operators find these road flares easy to operate and can be deployed quickly. Accident investigators can typically work an entire scene without having to replace flares whereas traditional flares must be replaced every 15 to 30 minutes. Road damage and forest fires concerns are eliminated as the Active LED flares produce no heat. The rugged chassis makes flares completely weatherproof and able to sustain a direct run-over by cars and light trucks.

The ProMark Active LED Road Flare Kit uses lithium batteries so it can be reused hundreds of times and hold charges beyond one year. Simple operation and long run time saves time and flash patterns stimulate increased traffic awareness. The Epistar LEDs are the same LEDs used in a wide variety of vehicle warning lights such as lightbars, dash lights, covert beacons and more. The kit retails from SigCorps and SigCorps dealers for $149.99 and comes with a one-year warranty.

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