Digital Ally Fleet Vehicle Video Event Data Recorder Enhanced

Digital Ally, Inc., a leading provider of fleet video systems used by thousands of companies and governmental entities in all 50 states and around the world, announced that the DVM-250Plus Video Event Data Recorders (VEDRs) now feature a series of new enhancements.

Previously only capable of using three cameras, the VEDR may now utilize up to eight different cameras while maintaining a dual recording feed. By customizing the automatic record triggers to activate specific cameras, users are able to gain the best angle for each type of event while minimizing video file sizes and making current or post-event review easier. For instance, an internal vehicle compartment camera could record when the back door is opened, a side camera could be activated when the driver’s side door is opened, the rear-view mirror camera and road-facing cameras could record when the vehicle swerved or was involved in a collision, a license plate camera could be activated when the vehicle was placed in reverse, and so forth. The automatic trigger can also activate the integrated monitor hidden behind the glass of the rear-view mirror, especially useful when backing the vehicle up.

To further balance privacy and recording file size considerations with storage, wireless transfer and ease of review concerns, the pre-event recording timer is now customizable. This provides fleet administrators with increased control over how long their systems record both before and after an event occurs. Designed to ensure that all of the important information regarding an incident is captured, pre-event recording saves video and optional audio prior to the event that triggered the recording. This minimizes the file size of recordings for wireless transfer and storage benefits as well as providing privacy and review benefits by only recording what is needed without missing any important events. However, the internal memory may now also be set to continuously record on a loop while only event recordings are stored on the SD card in case additional footage is required.

Reporting software is also now available to identify workforce strengths and weaknesses, run system checks and more. Administrators can create their own custom reports or use any of the default options, including: Video Details (basic recording information, user defined marks and notes, file information and activity for one or more recordings), Video Summaries (a synopsis of each recording), Device Activities (the number of events and tallies for each trigger listed by specific video system), Device Exceptions (a list of devices that have not uploaded to the system recently), Device Histories (an informative list of recordings arranged according to specific video system), Operators (an informative list of recordings arranged according to specific video system user), and Recording Triggers (an informative list of recordings arranged according to the specific trigger that caused them). The software additionally provides robust management, playback, duplication and archiving tools, captures video usage logs, and more.

For fleets that want to immediately view incidents as they occur, streaming video capabilities are now available with the VEDRs. Compressed, high-quality video and/or audio may be transmitted at low bitrates using a 3G or 4G cell modem or Ethernet interface. Streams may be accessed by smart phones and computerized devices with security access. GPS support also allows vehicles to be remotely located and tracked in real time.

About Digital Ally’s VEDRs

Digital Ally’s Video Event Data Recorders (VEDRs) provide liability protection and savings through proof in vehicular accidents and against fraudulent claims; inspiring safe and professional behavior; incident review for training purposes; monitoring blind spots or separate vehicle compartments; etc. They do not require an ongoing contract or additional equipment and come with software at no cost. The systems are integrated into a rear-view mirror so that they do not interfere with the driver’s line of site or take up valuable space. Their design allows for easy installation into any type of vehicle, including those that did not previously include a rear-view mirror. For more information, contact Digital Ally at 800-440-4947, 913-814-7774 (local and international), sales@digitalallyinc.com or visit www.digitalallyinc.com.

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