Rontan Signals Announces Debut of Magfoot LED
June 26, 2012

Rontan Signals is pleased to announce the launch of the Magfoot LED mount designed for Rontan’s Maximum Super Takedown, Maximum Extreme Off-Axis, Winglux and Winglux Extreme Off-Axis light bars.

Rontan’s Magfoot LED, pictured below, features Generation 5 three-watt Philips Lumiled Rebel LED’s delivering unparalleled reliability for professional applications.

The Magfoot LED features a full 45 degrees of horizontal adjustability on the front alley lights and fixed rear alley light functionality. Now, with the MagFoot LED, the light bar can be configured entirely with full-color LED modules with bright white take-down and alley light performance capably handled by the Magfoot LED mount.

The Magfoot LED is fully programmable to work in tandem with your light bar’s take-down and alley lights or to work independently.

Please visit the website to see the Magfoot LED. Our Product Configurator has been updated to include this LED mounting option when configuring your light bar’s desired specifications.

Magfoot LED was revealed to the industry last week at the National Sheriff’s Association Conference and its’ numerous benefits were quickly understood and appreciated by Law Enforcement as a major improvement in emergency vehicle lighting. Magfoot LED will be on display at the upcoming Police Fleet Expo and other Police, Fire, EMS and Work Truck expositions around the country.

For more information on Magfoot LED and all of Rontan Signals intelligent signal technology, contact your Rontan Sales Manager or call 1-877-288-6875.

Rontan’s New Magfoot LED Mount

mag foot led

Rontan Signals Magfoot LED

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