Havis’s latest innovation is the industry’s first Toughbook Certified docking station (DS-PAN-411) for Panasonic’s Semi-Rugged 53.  In addition to keeping mobile workers safe, it provides intelligent port replication to reliably connect to peripherals, such as printers, keyboards and bar-code scanners, while minimizing the risk of accidental disconnects.  An integrated power supply cord routed along the bottom prevents loss of power. 

To provide more reliable WWAN and Wi-Fi connectivity inside a vehicle, Havis offers two models of the docking station with Dual Pass-Thru Antenna to provide users improved data throughput and extended data range allowing them to work in more remote locations. 

The DS-PAN-410 joins a long line of intuitive solutions from Havis that keep computing equipment safely docked, even during a crash.  Havis offers peace of mind and a smooth transition from office to vehicle. 

Call 800-524-9900 or Visit:   www.havis.com/cf53



Available Docking Stations for the Panasonic Toughbook 53

  • DS-PAN-411 – Toughbook 53 Docking Station
  • DS-PAN-411-2 – Toughbook 53 Docking Station with Dual High Gain Antenna
  • DS-PAN-412 – Toughbook 53 Docking Station with Integrated Power Supply
  • DS-PAN-412-2 – Toughbook 53 Docking Station with Integrated Power Supply & Dual High Gain Antenna
  • DS-PAN-413 – Toughbook 53 Cradle (No Dock)
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