New GPS Mapping, Laptop/MDC Wireless Transfer Capabilities And Wireless Updates For Digital Ally In-Car Video Systems

Digital Ally, which designs, manufactures and sells advanced law enforcement products, is constantly working on ways to improve their products by considering the most practical and effective use of technology possible.  In that spirit, Digital Ally now adds a powerful new tool to their VideoManager software to easily track the location of video taken with their GPS enabled units. 

VideoManager software will now include a mapping feature that will allow users to utilize an in-program overhead map to view routes traversed in videos along with the location of “marked” events.  This user-friendly and innovative feature gives officers an easy-to-read interface for pinpointing the location of where recorded video was created.  Additional in-depth interactivity allows users to view multiple routes simultaneously, highlight routes, track “current position” during playback, access detailed information for start, stop, and “marked” points, and more.

Digital Ally is also unveiling a new wireless transfer software package for laptops or MDCs. This cost-effective solution will allow officers to use a laptop or MDC to wirelessly transmit recorded evidence from their in-car video system to a secure location. Designed as an alternative to the Digital Ally WTM (Wireless Transfer Module), this new option uses technology many patrol vehicles already have to provide all the convenience and chain of custody benefits of wireless transfer.

Departments using wireless transfer to download evidence from Digital Ally systems will also soon be able to wirelessly upload firmware updates and device configurations. Administrators will now be able to instantaneously keep an entire fleet current with the latest updates, newest features and individualized device configurations without having to visit each vehicle. Digital Ally’s new laptop wireless transfer software and wireless updates, together with the newly-added support of 802.11n (“Wireless N”) technology earlier this year, makes it even easier to have a user-friendly, secure, and fast wireless transfer solution in any department.

Digital Ally provides a complete line of digital video systems for any style of vehicle, an officer worn video system & camera, digital video flashlight, thermal imaging camera, and LIDAR handheld speed enforcement gun. For more information, contact Digital Ally at 800-440-4947, or visit

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