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Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.)

Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or D.A.R.E., is a drug abuse prevention education program designed to equip elementary school children with knowledge about drug abuse, the consequences of drug abuse, and skills for resisting peer pressure to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
D.A.R.E. uses uniformed law enforcement officers to teach a formal curriculum to students in a classroom setting. The Santa Clara Police Department Community began teaching the program in 1995. Today, Santa Clara’s D.A.R.E. program is taught at 17 public and private schools. The Elementary D.A.R.E. program targets every 5th grader and prepares them for entering junior high school, where pressures to use drugs and alcohol will most likely occur.

Vehicle Equipment List:

  • 14 TIR6’s
  • 6 LIN3’s
  • 2 Blue Vertex
  • 2 red vertex
  • Strobes in the fog lights
  • Cencom
  • UFM8

Meet our D.A.R.E. Officers!


Officer GreenOfficer Tyson Green
Tyson joined the police department in 2002. He spent his the last three years working in the Field Operations Division patrolling the streets of Santa Clara. In 2005, he was selected as a DARE officer and successfully completed the DARE/ School Beat Officer training course. Tyson will begin instructing DARE in the local schools in the fall. Tyson is excited about his new responsibilities and is looking forward to interacting with the students, administrators and staff of the local schools.

In his spare time, Tyson enjoys professional auto races, playing softball, hiking and jet skiing. Tyson’s advise for our local youth…”Think before you act. Be kind to others and say no to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.”

DARE Officer DavisOfficer Davis
Officer Davis has been a police officer for sixteen years. His assignments have included patrol, investigations, and work as an undercover narcotics officer.

Officer Davis is currently assigned to the School Services Unit as a D.A.R.E. Instructor and a School Resource Officer. Officer Davis enjoys working with today’s youth and helping to guide them in a positive direction.

Officer JensenOfficer Jensen
Bruce was hired in 1984. He has worked in the patrol division, as well as the traffic division, investigating hit and run accidents and fatal collisions. Bruce is currently a D.A.R.E. instructor and a School Resource Officer. Bruce’s favorite thing to do is "anything" with his family.
Personal Message: Kids need to be guided and mentored. We need to believe in them until they’re strong enough to believe in themselves. Remember, dream big, set goals, work hard and never let anyone steal your dreams.

Officer Jacob Malae

"Officer Jacob Malae has been a member of the Santa Clara Police Department since 1998. For the first several years of his career, Officer Malae worked as a patrol officer. In 2006, he joined the Services Division as a DARE Instructor/School Resource Officer. In 2007, he was honored as the department’s "Officer of the Year", and in 2009 was presented with the "Lifesaving Award". A native Santa Claran, and second generation Santa Clara police officer, Officer Malae takes pride in serving the community and local schools he grew up in.
In his spare time, Officer Malae enjoys spending time with his family, reading and coaching high school football. His advice to local youth…"A goal without a plan is a wish. Set goals and have a plan to achieve them with equal fervor."

Johanna GreenOfficer Johanna Green

Officer J. Green began her career in law enforcement as a police officer in Southern California. She joined the Santa Clara Police Department in 2007. She is delighted to have the opportunity to teach D.A.R.E because she is herself a former D.A.R.E graduate. Thus, she believes wholeheartedly in the positive impact the DARE program has on children and juveniles.
Officer J. Green spends her free time pursuing an advanced degree. She enjoys running, reading, writing, and traveling. Her advice to the youth of our community is:
“No matter what hardships or obstacles you encounter, do not forget your dreams and goals. Pursue them with a passion and know that you can accomplish anything if you give it your all and never give up. Make it YOUR life and live it DRUG-FREE.”

Officer Bob Henderson

Bob began his law enforcement career at the Stanford Department of Public Safety in 1992 and transferred to the Santa Clara Police Department in 2001. During the course of his career, he served primarily as a patrol officer where he investigated and enforced hundreds of crimes. He has taken a personal interest over the years in the enforcement of illegal drugs. He has received commendations from his supervisors and outside organizations such as the Optimist Club in Santa Clara and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He is currently assigned to the Community Services Unit and is excited about his new position as a DARE officer where he is able to share his work experiences in an educational setting.

Bob’s advice for our youth…“Only a bad outcome can result from drug abuse and violence, as it robs one of their dignity, talents and is harmful to society. The betterment of the world can only be accomplished through properly educating ourselves and the conscious and sustained act of good deeds.:”

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