By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

PLYMOUTH, Mich. — For much of this decade, a familiar shape, roaring over the horizon with lights ablaze, has comforted distraught crime victims and frightened lawbreakers.

Next year, production ends for that fixture on American roads, the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, aka the Crown Vic. A four-way race — among the Detroit 3 and anIndiana start-up — is on to build the replacement of choice for what accounts for more than 70% of police cars.

PHOTOS: Automakers roll out their police llineups

The incumbent, Ford (F), was the last to unveil its entry. On Friday, Ford rolled out a police version of its full-size, front-drive Taurus that it says has the size and durability of the rear-drive Crown Vic, but better fuel economy and available all-wheel drive.

General Motors has shown a big rear-drive sedan with a big V-8 from its Australian Holden unit that it will begin selling for police use as a Chevrolet Caprice.

Chrysler already has a police version of its current Dodge Charger on the street, and it has finally been making inroads in the market. The Charger is due for an update next year.

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