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Idaho State Police Motor Team – Kawasaki 1400’s

Written by Scott Tulleners

The Idaho State Police Motor Team located in Boise, ID is one of the hardest working units in the Treasure Valley. More than half of all Idahoans live in this Snake River area of southwest Idaho. We are expected to ride our motors year round, weather permitting, even in the most extreme environments. During the summer the temperature rises above 100 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis and in the winter drops below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The five man team, plus the sergeant, will ride in any temperature as long as the roads are clear and dry.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE – CLICK HERE


Fleet Profile: San Francisco Police Department

Written by John Bellah

San Francisco is a unique city. To provide law enforcement services requires a variety of transportation methods—foot patrol, mounted or horse patrol, motorcycles, bicycles, watercraft and of course, the traditional black and white police sedan. Of this substantial fleet of vehicles, 304 are black and white police sedans, with the majority being Ford CVPIs. There are also 424 unmarked and administration vehicles. Prisoner transportation requires 26 vans. The SFPD fleet of 1,287 vehicles covers 3 million miles per year.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE – CLICK HERE



Kawasaki and the Concours 14

Written by Scott Tulleners

Kawasaki has produced four police motorcycles, the Z1-P (1975-1976), the KZ900 Police Special (1977), the KZ1000C Police (1978-1981) and by far the most common model, the KZ1000P (1982-2005). (Yep, Jon and Ponch rode the Kawasaki KZ900 and KZ1000 in CHiPs.) All these were single rider versions of the “universal Japanese Motorcycle” design that was popular until the market became divided into special categories like sport, touring cruising, etc.

All these motorcycles had inline, four-cylinder engines with a chain drive and 5-speed gearboxes. The KZ1000 engine produced 88 hp and 112 lb-ft of torque. The Police Special for the North American market was produced in a Kawasaki plant at Lincoln, NE. This production ended in September 2005.


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