Enforcement Motors and Kawasaki

Written by Kim Calderwood

Kawasaki and law enforcement have a long and established history. It is a track record built upon proven, reliable performance and years of low maintenance costs.

The KZ1000 has been a popular police motor, and as we move to the future, the ZG1400 will continue the bloodline for the next generation with everything one would expect from Kawasaki.
The ZG1400 introduces high-performance technology to police motors. This next generation Kawasaki includes a monocoque aluminum frame and the Tetra-Lever Shaft Drive, which was designed to offset the traditional lifting and squatting tendencies of a shaft drive. This was also done to improve the power band response to one that is quick and smooth through the entire range of operation.

Additionally, the ZG1400 has a dual floating 310mm petal disc system with four-piston calipers that are coupled with a highly advanced ABS system to boost safety in low traction stopping situations.
On top of the performance upgrades, the ZG1400 offers a comfortable cockpit, with full easy-to-read and easy-to-use instrumentation and the user-friendly KiPass system that provides unparalleled ease of use and safety for officers. Officers will no longer need to worry about fumbling for keys or worry about the safety of the motor when forced to move away from it quickly. This new Kawasaki has a curb weight of 680 pounds, is quick and maneuverable, and will exceed the motor officer’s expectations.

Emergency Gear Upfit

At the core of the Enforcement Motors Package is a sleek radio box. It is a covered enclosure with plenty of room for storage, which also houses the radio equipment and fused power for additional accessories. From the radio box, all power is routed for the control of all the Enforcement Motors Package. A switch pod located within the rider’s control, another Enforcement Motors Package exclusive, controls all of the additional features.

The Enforcement Motors Package includes lighting from Whelen Engineering, which is versatile, reliable and available in a wide array of flash patterns.

The package consists of three front-facing LINZ6 LED split lights, two of which are mounted in the custom sleek front mirrors, and the third is mounted in the custom center pod, directly under the windscreen. On the radio box, a strip light with additional brake/tail/turn lights is mounted for rear visibility. For side visibility one LINZ6 light is mounted on each side under the mirrors and one Vertex is mounted on each side of the radio box. To complete the Enforcement Motors Package, drop bars are added on the front and rear with four M4 LED lights.

The package is made complete with a Whelen siren and speaker. Just like the old workhorse KZ1000, the new ZG1400 will provide the same low maintenance cost and factory warranty policies that Kawasaki has built its reputation upon through years of dependable service. Enforcement Motors can provide complete fitted ZG1400, ready for duty, right down to your agency’s colors.

Kim Calderwood is with Enforcement Motors in Tempe, AZ and may be reached via e-mail at


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