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Canyonwest Cases “Rolls Out” Emergency Lighting

Fountain Hills, Arizona, September 22, 2009 — Get all the light you need – when and where you need it – with Pelican™ Products new Remote Area Lighting System (RALS). And Canyonwest Cases (http://www.CanyonwestCases.com) is making them available to Police and Fire departments, the military and anyone needing dependable, long-lasting light.

These efficient and powerful Remote Area Lighting Systems (with and without wheels) provide convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives to wasteful generator powered lights, and are available in four models:

· 9430: The 9430 RALS is a completely portable, high-performance light that can be trusted to illuminate work or rescue areas in all weather conditions. Weigh is only 22 pounds, its 360-degree swivel mast telescopes to nearly three feet, throwing the light’s 2,000 lumens over a wide area. The maintenance-free LED array is powered by a 15-hour rechargeable battery. Available from Canyonwest Cases immediately for $546.00, MSRP is $800.00.

· 9450B: Built for mobility, the 9450B RALS is a rapid-deploying emergency area light, self-contained inside a tough-as-nails Pelican 1510 Case featuring a pull handle and polyurethane wheels. Assembling in minutes, the 9450B RALS features a multi-angle telescoping light tower that can reach up to eight feet in the air. Its detachable bank of sixteen 1-watt LEDs can generate up to 1280 lumens of clean, brilliant light. Featuring a removable diffuser filter, the 9450B RALS gives off enough light to cover an entire emergency scene. By removing the diffuser, it becomes a high-powered spot beam, perfect for piercing darkness hundreds of yards away. The 9450B RALS is powered by a 17-hour rechargeable battery that offers up to 9 hours of peak light. Available from Canyonwest Cases immediately for $853.00, MSRP is $1,249.00.

· 9460: Built with versatility in mind, the 9460 RALS features two swiveling telescope masts (each extends to nearly 6 feet) and two 360 degree articulated light arrays. The system’s combined 48 LEDs and dual power modes (with 2 water-proof switches) combine to radiate 4,000 lumens in high and 2,000 in low. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the system offers up to 7 hours of peak brightness or 14 hours in low power mode. Built self-contained in a tough-as-nails 1510 Carry-On Case, the 9460 is engineered to take as little space as possible and provide easy ground transport with a pull handle and polyurethane wheels. Available from Canyonwest Cases immediately for $1,229.00, MSRP is $1,800.00.

· 9470: For large area illumination, the 9470 RALS features four fully-articulated, 24 LED heads (96 total) mounted on four 6-foot, telescoping light towers. The heads which sport dual brightness settings are powered by a 12-volt, sealed, rechargeable battery and combine for a blistering 8000 lumens on high power for seven hours and 4000 lumens for 14 hours at low power. Self contained in the extremely durable 1610 Case, it features a pull handle and polyurethane wheels. Available from Canyonwest Cases immediately for $2,179.00, MSRP is $3,200.00.

“We are proud to offer Pelican’s Remote Area Lighting Systems to our customers nationwide,” stated Canyonwest Cases President, Don Beauvais.


About Canyonwest Cases

Canyonwest Cases specializes in Emergency Lighting Systems and industrial case and custom packaging solutions. They provide stock cases from top manufacturers like Pelican and SKB along with custom soft case and foam interiors for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Their large selection of cases and emergency lighting systems is designed to meet and exceed the toughest of conditions.

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