New HID Collins Dynamics Spot Lights incorporate the latest
technology to offer superior light output and maximum efficiency!

• Reduce current draw
• Decrease B.O.M. Costs
• 4 times the bulb life
• Available in June 2008


• Reduce current draw by 60% – The new CD-FX-HID-1 draws approximately
60% less current than comparable halogen spot lights.

• Decrease B.O.M. Costs – Improved technology reduces bill of material costs for wiring.

• 4 times the bulb life – Utilizing our proven metal halide bulb, the fixture is rated at 3,300 hours providing 4 times more life than halogen spots.

• Keep water out – With a beefy rubber gasket housing and liquid tight strain relief, water stays out.

• Easy retrofit – Uses same hole pattern as CD-FX-12 or Unity AG Deck Light.

See more at www.Havis.com


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