54ward an industry leader in voice recognition software for police patrol and fire command vehicles has released two new products to their line of products that assist in making the vehicle a safer place to conduct our day to day emergency responses. Visit their website: www.54ward.com


Wireless Push-To-Talk – Download the brochure

“A Wireless PTT solution that is mounted to the steering wheel is something that voice activated systems have been without until now. We feel we have pushed the market to a new level with the release of this product and our new COREcommandBAR technology.”


COREcommandBAR – Download the brochure


The COREcommand bar eliminates the need to cycle through the screens to operate all the various devices and software in the vehicle. This is a huge step forward in technology for this type of software product. Most emergency vehicles these days require multiple applications to be deployed at the same time on a screen that is usually 12” or less. This command bar style interface allows for other applications to run in the space above it without compromising their functionality. This allows the user to easily control all aspects of their mobile date interface from one screen. This will dramatically increase driver safety.

The rest of their product line is the basis for the new product releases above – click on the logo below to see the full product offering:


History of 54ward Integrated Solutions:

54ward is an independent company offering emergency vehicle integration products and solutions. Our staff is comprised of industry professionals with over 80 years of combined field experience in Fire, Police and Public Works marketplaces.

We pride ourselves on customer service and seeing each and every job to completion. Full integration support from beginning to end.

Please feel free to contact our sales or support departments at anytime with any questions you might have.

Visit their website: www.54ward.com


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