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Whelen Super-LED® lightbars are already designed for maximum energy efficiency using LED low current technology and aerodynamic profile. Now with one or two optional solar panels, you can compensate for parasitic draw from the vehicle’s computer, improving battery efficiency and extending the life of your vehicle battery.

■ Available for Justice, Liberty and Freedom lightbars.
■ Compensates for parasitic draw from the vehicle’s flash light charges, GPS units, computer and other accessories.
■ Prevents dead batteries and insures maximum life-saving performance from your vehicle battery.
■ Six-watt rectangular solar panel mounts unobtrusively on the lightbar surface.
■ Charges and cleans battery plates to increase battery life significantly.
■ Effective even in frequent cloudy and overcast regions.
■ Use up to two solar panels per lightbar.
■ Save time and money by reducing battery failure and replacement.
■ Solar Panel mounts in a polycarbonate tray that insures the integrity of the lightbar by creating a weather tight seal.

SOLARPNL: Single Solar Panel with regulator for Whelen Lightbars.


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