Door Ease marks entry, travel, and exit points for fire and emergency personnel to get in and out of structures safely. High performance LED technology provides a bright, reliable flashing or steady-burn light which is unsurpassed in low visibility operations. Door Ease also has a warning tone/flashing mode for added impact. Trac-Pak Safety System includes a versatile, "glove friendly" tactical holster which attaches to waist strap, bail out harness, radio or flashlight strap and holds two Door Ease units.


■ LED technology provides super bright, super effective warning.
■ Compact, heavy-duty polycarbonate door wedge marks interior search and
rescue routes. Creates a virtual illuminated entry/exit route.
■ Three modes: flashing, flashing and audible alert, and steady-burn.
■ Warning tone has a sound output of 95dB.
■ LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of operation.
■ New integral mounting hook allows higher placement of device on door hinges.
■ Door Ease promotes higher confidence levels and increases task productivity.
■ Requires three AAA alkaline batteries, not included.
■ Battery life approximately 21 hours.
■ Affordably priced.


Door Ease is a Target Exit Device which quickly identifies entry and exit points by illuminating travel routes.
■ In low visibility situations Door Ease’s Super-LED reflects off of smoke.
■ Other useful applications include:
Enhance RIT (Rapid Intervention Teams) or F.A.S.T. (Firefighter Assist and Search Team) Operations, marking searched areas, or can be used as a flashlight.
■ Approximately 21 hours of operation on 3 alkaline AAA batteries.
■ Designed and endorsed by the Country’s leading fire instructors.

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