The Whelen Avenger has been released. Full Literature – Click Here

NEW design with a more sleek look than its predecessor,
the Avenger is still a compact little light with a big attitude! Avenger packs full-size Super-LED power that rivals strobe in intensity. This is serious warning protection in a small package that’s easy to mount or transfer from vehicle to vehicle.

FEATURES (all models)

■ Small size and clear outer
lenses make Avenger barely detectable until powered on.
■ Single, dual or split module, Linear Super-LEDs.
■ Standard swivel/bail bracket with three suction cups.
■ Snap-on polycarbonate hood secures with two screws, minimizing
flashback to the driver.
■ Lightweight and sturdy. Rated for 100,000 hours of operation.
■ Polycarbonate assembly is safer than metal in the event of an accident or airbag deployment.

AVN Models:

■ Multiple Scan-Lock™ flash
patterns. 27 patterns on single unit and 34 patterns on dual.
■ Selection switch for flash
patterns is now located on the cigar lighter plug.
■ Split LED models available.
■ Eight foot straight cord with cigar plug On/Off switch and Scan-Lock™ flash pattern control.

AVNS Synchronized Models:

■ Synchronized models for unified warning lighting on your vehicle.
■ Multiple Scan-Lock flash
patterns. 54 patterns on single unit and 69 patterns on dual.
■ Phase I and Phase 2 for alternate
and simultaneous flashing.
■ Standard 4-wire pigtails.

Single Modules:

AVN1* ……….Solid color, red, blue, amber or white
AVNS1* ……..Solid color, synchronized, red, blue, amber or white
AVN1J ……….Split color red/blue
AVN1D ………Split color red/white

Dual Modules:

AVN2** ……Solid color
AVNS2** ….Solid color, synchronized


AVNBKT1* …..Low profile mounting (headliner) bracket for AV1 Series
AVNBKT2 ……Low profile mounting (headliner) bracket for AV2 Series.
AVNBKT3 ……Visor mounting bracket, each (2 required for dual unit).
AVNBKT4 ……Adjustable height bracket kit, for all Avengers.
AVBKT5 ……..Headliner Mounting Bracket for 2003-2008 Crown Vic’s for All Avengers.


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  1. Im not impressed with this light. Not very bright as the talon. For half the price my mini phantom is brighter.


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