Model # 091-168-12
50 Ampere Output
1 Hour Auto Equalize for Faster Recharge

Patented Charging Wire Resistance Compensation
Remote Voltage & Current Bar Graph Display
Diagnostic for Poor Connections & Overheating
High Voltage & High Temperature Protection
Low Output Indicator
Aural Malfunction Indicator

The Auto Charge SD 150 is a state of the art, high output battery charger that provides a rapid recharge for an emergency vehicle’s battery. A special equalizing circuit raises the charger’s output voltage for 1 hour when the charger is turned on. This reduces the time required to charge the battery and helps rejuvenate the battery’s plates. At the conclusion of the equalize period the output switches to the normal float charge mode. The patented "sample and hold" circuit precisely measures the battery voltage eliminating errors due to voltage drop in charging wires.

A series of diagnostics continually checks the operation of the charger. LED’s indicate normal and abnormal operation. Excessive output voltage is detected, as are insufficient output, high temperature and high resistance connections. An LED also indicates when the battery is disconnected. The remote indicator is a dual bar graph indicating both charger voltage and output current.


Input: 115 volts, 50/60 Hz, 15 amperes

Charger Output: 12 Volts, D.C., Output Current: 50 amperes maximum

Voltage Sense: Remote, electronic, no sense wires required

Indicators: Power, Battery Connected, Equalize, Hi Resist, Hi Temp, Hi Volt, Low Volt, Shutdown

Low Volt/Low Current, and Fan

Battery Saver Overload Indicator: Indicates Battery Saver load exceeds 3 amperes.

Charger Output Indicator: Remotely located bar graph display, indicates voltage and current of battery.

Weight: 28 lbs

Warranty: 3 Years

Outline Drawing

Instruction Manual (.pdf file, 170Kb)


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