Hydraulic Powered Bed Slide

Industrial design turns a pick up truck into a completely functional service truck or mobile command post with just the push of a button!
Severe Grades? NO PROBLEM!!

Ideal for heavy-duty, commercial and emergency vehicle applications.
Operating capacity easily carries 2500 pounds.  Maximum capacity 5000 pounds.

Please email us or call 760-723-0071 for more information.

Power Bed Slide Kits*:

Standard Sizes              4’ x 8’ x 4”                                 $1999.00 Retail
  4′ x 6.5′ x 4″
                                     4′ x 6′ x 4″
                                     5000 lb. Max. load
                                     2500 lb. Working load
                                     Weight approx. 400 lb.
                                     Free non-skid coating
Custom:                        4′ x Up to 10′                              Call for details


Pump and motor with push-button, hand-held control.

Heavy-duty welded tracks with 1″ cam-follower bearings (sheer strength 5000 pounds).

Herculiner coated steel platform. Able to weld or bolt equipment to deck.

   Design & Specifications

  • Industrial grade
  • Max. capacity 5000 lb.
  • Easily operates  2500 lb.
  • Operates on any angle
  • Unlimited lock-down positions
  • Cycle time 15 seconds
  • Heavy-duty welded tracks
  • Cam-follower bearings
  • Able to weld or bolt equipment to deck
  • Frame mounted power unit
  • 12 volt high-pressure hydraulic system
  • Center mounted hydraulic cylinder
  • Long stroke (up to 90% extension available)
  • Ideal for commercial or heavy-duty applications
  • Utilizes entire cargo area
  • Side load-able by forklift
  • Easy transfer of load surface to surface
  • Custom applications available

See their web site at: http://www.powerbedslide.com


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