Reduce fuel costs and minimize wear and maintenance on your vehicle with TST’s new Idle Guard™ 200. The Idle Guard™ 200 is a solid state, reliable timer that automatically prevents unnecessary engine idling in fleet and delivery vehicles. TST’s Idle Guard™ 200 versatility allows users to operate it on either gas or diesel engines, manual or automatic transmissions. This lost cost solution is easy to install and can be retrofitted on almost any vehicle. The Idle Guard™ 200 is triggered either by a positive or negative trigger signal from the park brake on a manual transmission or the park/neutral switch on an automatic transmission. This signal will activate the timer and shut down the engine after 3, 5 or 15 minutes (dependent on purchased model) by either fuel shut off with a diesel or by the ignition with a gas engine. The timer is reset by cycling the ignition to off and then back on again or when the trigger signal is

For more information on how the Idle Guard™ 200 can start saving you money, please contact your local TST representative.

Low Cost
Easy to install retrofit device
Reliable solid state construction
Helps customers remain compliant with anti-idle regulations
Available in 3 different timer settings – 3, 5, or 15 minutes
Mounting bracket/Socket also available (140-0380)
Wire terminals available – 14-18ga (110-0338) and 10-12ga (110-0340)

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