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Sometimes called Industrial Mountaineering ,Technical Rope Access is a new method of accessing remote and exposed points on a structure (tower, building, oil rig etc.), in order to carry out some form of work (painting, cleaning, inspection, installation, repair etc.), using equipment and rope techniques derived from mountaineering.

Currently employed using standard mountaineering equipment, the Technical Rope Access concept began in Russia and is swiftly gaining acceptance throughout the world as a safe, efficient cost saving approach.

The PowerQuick® system is designed to enhance the ease and safety of this increasingly popular technique.

Technical Rope Access is the use of adapted mountaineering and caving techniques and equipment to gain access to a work site.

It is a cost and time-effective method for accessing high or exposed work sites, as well as those that are tricky to access by other methods, for example, tanks and vessels that have limited space for installing scaffolding or cradles.

As a form of work positioning, it offers versatile and rapid solutions to the diverse challenges of industrial access. The continuing expansion of the rope access market is primarily due to its excellent record for cost savings and increased safety. Industrial Mountaineering allows crews to execute a wide variety of work tasks in many different environments safely and efficiently.

Modern Rope Access techniques and equipment have brought revolutionary changes to the rigging, construction, building maintenance and fire, search and rescue industries.

The PowerQuick® Powered Ascender will allow Industrial Engineering to expand to even wider applications and acceptance within industry.

  • The PowerQuick® Personal lifting device comes in 2 versions:

  1. Solid propellant cartridge power supply currently under development for Special Forces, Hostage Rescue, FBI access and other remote applications.

  2. A battery/electric version  designed for commercial applications. This model will also operate using onboard helicopter power.

  • The initial commercial units will be introduced in December 2004.

  • The Quoin drive system provides sufficient torque to lift 136 Kg (300 lbs), at a rate of 1-meter-per-second with a 110% lift load factor.

  • Single Person Operation.

  • §Handles variable line sizes.

  • Designed to meet OSHA, CSA  and other applicable safety requirements.

  • Can be used with a variety of lifting chairs and platforms.


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  1. I’ve used one of these on Rope Access jobs before, didn’t perform very well at all. It was good for humping some of the equipment but the whole team thought it was no good for manriding purposes.

    Much better to use ‘proper’ rope access techniques.


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