Super Trailer

Model # 091-55-20-120T

This deluxe Auto Eject is for installations that do not have a "Starter Signal." Available in 15 or a 20 ampere input.

Electronic Throttle Module

Model # 091-84-ETM64

The Electronic Throttle Module provides modes of engine rpm control for Chevy & GMC vehicles for years 2003 to 2006.

Over Voltage Relay

Model # 091-108

The Over Voltage Relay is a battery voltage monitor which detects an over voltage condition.

Auto Charge 24/12

Model # 091-126

This charger is designed to operate 12 volt accessories on a 24 volt system without a 12 volt battery.

ODY Charger

Model # 091-128-12E-40

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The ODY Charger is a high output, automatic battery charger for periodically recharging batteries calibrated specifically for the Odyssey PC Series SLI Drycell Battery.

Auto Safe

Model # 091-129

The Auto Safe No-Load Dropout Switch is a safety device to protect against electric shock from shore power lines.

Load Manager P

Model # 091-141


The Load Manager P is low voltage disconnect with a timer to shut down a vehicle’s radio or computer to prevent complete discharge of the battery.

Alarm Controller

Model # 091-158

The Alarm Controller is a logic module that implements the logic "OR" or "AND" functions in a variety of control applications.

New & Improved
Super 30 Auto Eject

Model # 091-159-30-120

The new Super 30 Auto Eject is completely sealed in a plastic box, has a bulit-in anti-arcing device, an automatic plug detector, and a 30 ampere input for emergency vehicles.

Safety Lock 4

Model # 091-160

The Model 091-160, Safety Lock 4, is a controller which permits unattended engine operation with the ignition key removed, but prevents unauthorized use of the vehicle. For vehicles that require 4 independent relays for the vehicle ignition.

Auto Charge SD 150

Model # 091-168-12

The Auto Charge SD 150 is a state of the art 12 volt, 50 ampere single battery system charger.

DC/AC Clamp Meter

Model # 380941

This simple clamp-on meter measures DC and AC current down to .01 amperes by induction.

Power Cord Reel

Model # L4545 12 3 3

The Power Cord Reel, manufactured by REELCRAFT, provides a 45-foot length of 12AWG oil resistant SJO cord coiled on a spring loaded reel. Making this an ideal accessory for the Auto Eject.

Air Line Reel

Model # RT450-OLP

The Air Line Reel, manufactured by REELCRAFT, provides a 50-foot length of 1/4" ID oil resistant hose coiled on a spring loaded reel. Making this an ideal accessory for the Air Eject.

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