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Command Light Releases New Product:

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 When working a tough MVA on a busy roadway Command Light TFB directs the traffic flow around the incident. Heavy traffic volume and crowded road conditions today make it increasingly difficult to provide a safe environment for your people. Minor traffic problems can quickly escalate into major incidents compromising the safety of both first responders and motorists. The Command Light Traffic Flow Board (TFB) can significantly improve your on-scene visibility with the commanding presence of a large arrow board.  Ruggedly constructed of aluminum and stainless steel alloys the TFB is an investment in safety that will provide many years of service. Engineered to fold down for a low profile while responding to the incident, the versatile mounting system provides the freedom to select various types of boards and controllers that conform to your department requirements. The 0-45 degree rotation, left and right, feature allows the traffic arrows to be positioned for maximum effectiveness when using your vehicle in various blocking modes.


ROTATION: 0-45°, Right and Left

CONTROLS: Lift: Umbilical Remote
                        Board: Brightness, Board-Up

ELEVATION: Nested to fully raised in under 10 Seconds

ACTUATOR: 12 Volt DC, 1000 lb. Capacity

FEATURES: Auto-Park, Single Button, Self Centering, and Self Nesting

OPTIONS: Various Boards available including; Teir 1 and Full Matrix


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