54wards mission is to increase emergency vehicle operator safety by simplifying the operation of onboard devices and providing a foundation for reliable operation of those devices. By working with the device manufacturers, and drawing upon proven technologies such as the University of New Hampshire’s Project 54 program, 54ward COREcontrol offers the user a cost effective, reliable, integration solution.

CORE (kOr): the central and often foundational part of something

Each part of the COREcontrol system addresses a specific gap that exists in emergency vehicle device implementation and operation. Created by industry professionals with decades of experience in the emergency vehicle industry, 54ward COREcontrol will become the foundation of every device installed in an emergency vehicle.

Let’s walk thru the system step by step:

A single operational platform that allows multiple levels of operation such as voice command, touch screen control, and traditional methods of operation.

Customized to your specific needs COREcommand will interface with most popular devices and third party software offered today while retaining a redundant system of mission critical devices. Devices and Software supported include: •Emergency Lights and Sirens •Radio and Communications •Radar •Video Systems •GPS/AVL •Printers •Bar Code Scanners •Gun Locks •Record Management (RMS) •Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) •NCIC and Motor Vehicle Query •License Plate Recognition (LPR) •Fleet Maintenance •AM/FM or Satellite Radio •And More…



54ward COREcommand touch screen control allows the operator a large, clearly visible display by using your existing touch screen computer.


54ward COREcommand voice control allows true Hands and Eyes Free operation of virtually all devices installed in the vehicle.


54ward COREcommand provides a complete fail-safe solution by maintaining a redundant system of mission critical device controls inside the vehicle.



The backbone of 54ward COREcontrol, this engineered system of hardware and electronics isolates and protects the vehicle, and devices, from common failures in the field.

By utilizing the highest quality electronics, harnesses, circuit protection, and enclosures 54ward COREcontrol assures the user of not only a safe operating environment but a reliable one.

The COREware backbone consists of everything a fleet manager could need to make sure every vehicle in their fleet remains functionally and electronically the same no matter who performed the installation of the devices. Some of the standard features that make up the COREware backbone are:

•125% Capacity SAE J1128 Crimp-Less Plug-N-Play Harness Assembly
•Isolated Vehicle Power Distribution System
•Complete Internal Diagnostic Electrical Enclosure
•Integral PC Protection and Timing Circuits
•Waterproof Industrial Grade Connectors
•Protected Power Distribution with Auxiliary Terminals

COREware is completely customizable to your specifications
and a variety of options are available to address the needs
of your fleet.


Plug-n-Play Harness Assembly assures electrical uniformity for entire fleet while decreasing installation time and significantly increasing device reliability.


Secured enclosures for trunk and console house all electrical components protecting them from the elements and any possible tampering.

Three sizes available 1/2 width.

3/4 width – Allows for more internal equipment storage and and incorporates a visual diagnostic panel.

Photo to the right shows the user accessible areas of the enclosure.

All enclosures can come fully pre-wired to decrease install times.

Photo shows full enclosure with top key locks for added security. Full wiring harness is standard with most packages.

For larger versions of the enclosure photos please click on each image

54ward offers the user the ability to ship any existing, or new, devices directly to our factory to be pre-wired and mounted inside the enclosure, prior to installation in the vehicle, for a complete Plug-and-Play solution.



With a nationwide network of sales and support personnel, no other company in the industry can equal the response 54ward offers should a problem or question arise. From training, to technical support, to field support, 54ward is poised to be your partner 24/7.

54ward COREcontrol provides the user with a variety of support plans which can be custom tailored to the specific needs of your agency.


Our trained staff of regional service representatives are waiting to assist your agency should any field technical support or service be required.


Whether you contact us a few times a year or require 24/7 support, 54ward has you covered. Web-based or telephone technical troubleshooting, training, and upgrades, as well as local support by regional 54ward service personnel are all part of the COREcontrol system.


For more Visit: www.54ward.com


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