T3 Motion, Inc. was born on the cutting-edge. The California-based company’s commitment to the vision and creative application of technological advances has culminated in their specialized expertise to enhance the personal mobility market.The challenge for the T3 Motion team, explore the unfulfilled needs of personal and fleet transportation through the vision of professional-grade personal mobility products. Through extensive critical analysis of the functional needs and performance requisites of the professional sector, the team focused on creative solutions for individual vehicle travel. Three years and thousands of hours of exhaustive testing and field trials later, T3 Motion, Inc., launched the first of many products in its personal mobility arsenal, the T3. The T3 (T3 Motion) has been designed to tackle a host of daily professional functions, from community policing to patrolling of airports, military bases, campuses, malls, public event venues, and other high-density areas. From the beginning, the T3 project has incorporated professional feedback from the law enforcement and security industries for its design, features, and performance characteristics. This active dialogue has led to a crystal-clear understanding of the professional and fiscal needs of the law enforcement and private security marketplaces. The T3 squarely hits the target for an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective professional vehicle that is designed to improve efficiency, reduce fatigue, and increase the ability to interface with others. As the marketplace continues to evolve, so will T3 Motion, Inc. through its commitment to research, development, and manufacture vehicles and products that continue to revolutionize the way we think about transportation.

Now Sold Exclusively in California and Nevada by WATTCO
To Arrange a Demo or schedule use of one of our demo unit please call: 707-435-9233

T3 Demo Vid 

Demo Video and Links to all T3 Motion News & Updates
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