When someone’s life is in danger, there is often not enough time to fumble around trying to open a Swiss Army® or “tool” type knife and then saw frantically in a desperate bid to free them. Those knives have blades that are just too short, narrow and dull to immediately sever thick, tough, or fibrous material. When seconds count, the Land & Sea/Rescue™ Knife is more than equal to the challenge. In an emergency, it can be opened in the blink of an eye, and the innovative rocker lock allows worry-free deployment when a life is on the line. Once locked open, the blade can cut with the fury of a chainsaw with its wide, flat ground surface and serrated edge.

The unique “sheep’s foot” style VG-1 Stainless blade is ideal for rescue situations because it is less likely to injure accident victims when cutting away seat belts or clothing. And the tough, Zytel® handle is contoured and deeply checkered for a solid, non-slip grip. The Land & Sea/Rescue™ Knife sports a small, but powerful steel pocket clip, to keep the blade within easy reach at all times.

Blade: 4″
Steel: VG-1 Stainless
Handle: 5 1/16″, Zytel handle
Overall: 9 1/16″
Thick: 1/8″
Weight: 3.5oz.
Features a steel pocket clip


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