Flamex Fighter

Structural Fire/Extrication Glove In One
Model 61203

Flamex Fighter Features & Benefits Click Here

61203250pixio.gifLightweight and extremely dexterous, the Flamex Fighter is the top choice of Firefighter’s who know how hand fatigue can affect your performance. 

The Flamex Fighter’s “fourchette” finger style allows the fingers to lay closer together than the very thick side stitching seen on most other Fire Gloves.   This and the pre-curved hand design make it very comfortable, even for extended periods.
With complete waterproof protection, hands stay warmer in wet conditions and with the large, adjustable gauntlet, water has a hard time finding it’s way inside during hose handling and pull down work.

Kevlar impregnated with silicon protects the hand from cuts and abrasions like no other, making it a very cross-functional glove that may be used in extrication as well as rescue. 

Best of all, after you’ve given the Flamex Fighter a good days work, and it’s covered in soot and ash, or worse yet possibly dangerous bodily fluids, just throw it in the washer and your ready to go with a clean sanitary high performance glove. 

The Flamex Fighter can be easily clipped together with its chrome steel clasp and attached directly to your turnout gear so you’ll
always know where your glove are. 

Flamex Fighter carries the NFPA 1971 (current edition) certified by SEI and European CE and EN 659  KAT III certifications and meets or exceeds OSHA Regulations 29 CFR part 1910.156.


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