20 Year Shelf Life Batteries 

20 Year Shelf Life Batteries


Emergency ‘D’ Cell batteries with 20 year shelf life




Introducing a revolutionary breakthrough in batteries!

There is no other battery like it: the chemicals in all other batteries are mixed and activated during their production, so they begin to age and lose their power at the factory – long before you even buy them. And by the time you get around to using them, they may have only a few minutes of life left…you never know for sure. That may be acceptable for toys or games – but not for those stuations when you must have power you can depend on.

In a CODE-RED Emergency Battery, the components are separated. Absolutely no power loss can occur-now or 20 years from now-until you activate it. Once activated it provides up to twice as much continuous power in a flashlight as many so called heavy-duty batteries!

Just rotate the top of a CODE-RED until it locks into place. This breaks the barrier seal, allowing the liquid activator to mix with the solid elctrodes.

20 Year Shelf-Life…you can bet your life on it!


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