Electronic Stability Control offering first certification from Meritor Wabco in fire industry
Pierce First To Sell ESC Into Fire Industry

April 11, 2007, APPLETON, Wis. – Pierce Manufacturing Inc., the leading manufacturer of custom fire and rescue apparatus in North America , received the first certification of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) from Meritor Wabco. Available for sale April 19, 2007, ESC can be applied to Pierce® pumpers, aerial ladders and platforms, tankers and rescues. ESC is integral to the anti-lock braking system and intervenes when the vehicle begins to experience a loss of directional control to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle.“While working with Pierce in 2005, Meritor Wabco initiated discussions to offer Electronic Stability Control, a new product. Together we worked diligently through the testing and certification process, and now Pierce is the first to offer the product to the market,” said John Morrison, president of Meritor Wabco.

“Similar to electronic stability control systems found on passenger cars and SUVs, ESC helps the driver maintain directional control of fire apparatus during lane changes and cornering maneuvers. We are pleased to be the first fire apparatus manufacturer to receive certification from Meritor Wabco as Pierce continues to lead the industry with first-to-market innovations,” said John Randjelovic, president of Pierce Manufacturing. “Adding ESC to the Pierce safety product lineup provides a stronger Protection from Every Angle™ safety program.”

Pierce is the first fire apparatus manufacturer to offer ESC systems on tankers and heavy duty rescue fire apparatus. These apparatus typically have a higher center of gravity, which is a factor in situations where vehicle control can be compromised.

ESC reduces the risk of loss of directional control, improves driver safety and accident avoidance and reduces steering effort, and is especially noticeable when driving in less than desirable or slippery conditions. Roll stability control is an additional capability included. When a potential roll event is detected, the ESC multiple sensors automatically apply brake pressure to the necessary axle and wheel ends, reduces engine speed and allows the driver to better negotiate a corner or lane change. While stability control systems add another layer of occupant protection, they cannot prevent loss of vehicle control in all situations. It is always recommended that safe driving practices as dictated by the driving conditions be followed.

Pierce Manufacturing Inc., a subsidiary of Oshkosh Truck Corporation [NYSE: OSK], is the leading North American manufacturer of custom fire apparatus. Products include custom and commercial pumpers, aerials, rescue trucks, wildland trucks, minipumpers, elliptical tankers, and homeland security apparatus. In addition, Pierce designs its own foam systems and was the first company to introduce the Side Roll Protections system and frontal occupant airbag protection to fire apparatus. To learn more about Pierce, visit www.piercemfg.com.


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