PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Small waterproof design and rugged aluminum housing provides the perfect combination for mounting inside or outside of your vehicle. Ideal for special use vehicles and marine applications — anywhere you need added attention demanding warning signals! Unique slide bolt housing gives this warning light the most versatile mounting capability of any of our housed lightheads. Horizontal, vertical or upside down mounting make this the perfect light for a wide variety of applications on just about any vehicle. 

FEATURES: ■ Compact size provides limitless possibilities for mounting… almost anywhere on any vehicle!
■ Interior or exterior applications.
■ 500 Series Linear Super-LED®
lightheads in single or dual lamp models.
■ Twenty-five Scan-Lock™ flash patterns to choose from, seven with Phase 1 and Phase 2, synchronization, plus eleven other patterns.
■ May be mounted horizontal, vertical and even upside down.
■ Slide bolt mounting channels on back and sides of the rugged aluminum extruded housing.
■ Keyway access hole allows the slide bolt to be easily removed without having to open the end plates, making for easy installation.
■ Pairs of single units may be synchronized to each other or to other Whelen synchronizing products.
■ Dual unit lightheads are synchronized together. Each lighthead has its own Scan- Lock wire for alternate or simultaneous flashing the two lightheads as well as pattern control.
■ Whelen Super-LEDs are superior high output, low current, vibration and moisture resistant for reliable, long-life operation.
■ Two feet of 4C 22 gauge cable.
■ Five year warranty.
■ Dimensions: 2-3/8” (60mm)
H x1-7/8” (48mm) D x 5-1/2”
(140mm) W (Single module)
11” (280mm) W (Dual module).MODELS:R1*: Single Linear-LED in amber, blue, red or white with synchronize wire.
R2**: Dual Linear-LED in amber, blue, red and/or white with individual Scan-Lock wires.
* Replace symbol in model number with LED color desired: A=Amber, B=Blue, C=Clear/White, R=Red.
Released: 01/07 

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OUR VIEWS AND NOTES: Click the Link Below

So we would like to thank Whelen for supplying a unit of each type for testing and review:
Overall first impressions of the Raider are all positive. The new Keyway mounting allows for multiple mounting options for Grill, Pushbumper, or basically to anything with a semi flat surface. The quality of the Raider is very good and as expected from Whelen products. The use of the 500 Series head makes this the universal choice for use with vehicles running the Liberty series lightbar due to the fact the liberty uses the same module and thus fleet parts needed are reduced. Light output of the unit is very good and as noted above because of the 500 series module being used the results are the same as the 500 Series in all color options. Just a bit under 180deg coverage can be attained with this lighthead. Meets or Exceeds CA Title 13 and SAE requirements.


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