The TX 2500™ Lightbar is the newest addition to Code 3’s line of emergency lighting products. Modeled after the popular LEDX 2100™, the TX 2500 utilizes Low Profile (LP) LEDs to provide a bright, powerful signal.

Clear lenses and the absence of color make the unit inconspicuous until illuminated. A special built-in flasher synchronizes the left and right sides of the lightbar in two alternating modes: wig-wag and variflash.

The TX 2500 is available in 39″, 47″, 52″ or 58″ lengths to adapt to most vehicles and has an easy to install mounting platform, with optional LIT3 lighted mounting feet. The lightbar can also be equipped with a six or eight head NarrowStik directional signal.

The TX 2500 meets or exceeds all applicable SAE, NFPA and California Title 13 emergency lighting standards when properly configured.

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